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Sarah Harrison – Parent Representative & NELPPF Secretary

My name is Sarah Harrison and I have two main reasons why I decided to get involved in Parent Participation. I am a mum to three gorgeous little girls; twins plus one, two years apart.

One of my twins was diagnosed with autism at 27 months old.
As is often the case, I was left feeling confused, isolated and had no idea what the future would hold or what support was available locally.

That is the first reason why I became involved in NELPPF – so that other parents do not feel lost, alone and without relevant information as I did.
I am also a former infant school teacher with extensive Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) experience; however I know that no matter how many courses teachers go on or what certificates the professionals may hold, there is no better training than living through it yourself.

I strongly believe that parents are the true experts of their children and that is the second reason I am involved – to ensure the voices of “parents as experts” are not underestimated or ignored.

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