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Marie Fitzgerald – NELPPF Chair

I have been a member of the Parent Participation Forum since 2008 and for the past four years I have been the Chairperson. Within this stance I have become a part of the North East Lincolnshire Carers Centre tendering process, the Advocacy tender under the Care Act and a member of the interview panel for the Managing Directors vacancy within Focus, which was given to Joe Warner. I am involved in a lot of carers groups and forums, including the Carers Forum which I have been in for six years and I am now currently Vice-Chair. In this role I represent parent carers and adult carers who care for the mentally ill. I have an excellent professional relationship with Nicola McVeigh, the Service Lead for Care and Independence.

As well as a parent carer, I am also a carer for my partner who is mentally ill. I have personal links with Navigo as I receive support from the Navigo Carers group and my partner also receives support medically and mentally. I am now a Navigo Elected Community Representative in which I ensure the voice of people who use services are listened to. I have been in crisis five times as a carer and I have watched on as Section 136 of the Mental Health Act as become a part of my life.

I have been a member of the Enter & View deployment team within Healthwatch who observe and represent the 160,000 members of North East Lincolnshire to enable the most vulnerable and isolated within society are given a voice within all areas of their care and dignity. I am now an Executive Board Member for Healthwatch.

I have worked alongside many agencies to represent parents who are mentally ill, so their voices can be heard when they cannot communicate their wishes for their child’s education.
I have created the Parent Carer Assessment under the Children and Families Act for North East Lincolnshire Council. I have attended the SEND Tribunal as a parent to appeal my child’s Education Health Care Plan decision when it was rejected.

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